Tech Tips #1 Using Google Drive to Take Class Attendance

Have you heard of Google Drive?  Do you use it?

In many places it is already being used by companies, by schools, and by individuals.  It’s a great tool, and I am only stumped as to why MORE people don’t use it.

You no longer worry about losing files, everything is accessible 24/7 from any device, all while you save space on your local computer.

One easy way to use this tool as a teacher, is as an an aid to take attendance, which is easily accomplished through Google Forms.

Simply create a new form, create your first (multiple choice) question with three options: present, absent, and late.  Then the “question” will be the name of a student.

Simply duplicate the question as many times as you have students in your class, and then go back and input the students’ names.

Once this is done, click the “eye” in the upper right corner to view the form in it’s finished state, and then bookmark it for easy access later.  Voila!


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