May the Forms be with you

Recently I watched this excellent talk entitled “May the Forms be with you”, which gives some great tips and uses for Google Forms:

My main takeaways were:

  1. Data validation – this can be used to provide password protection for a quiz, by starting with a data validated question.  Once they successfully complete it, they proceed to the next section within the quiz.
  2. Instant feedback – Now, Google Forms also has a feedback section that can be set by the teacher, but that only provides feedback once the quiz is finished.  His suggestion was creating a series of sections.  A question appears, and the following quiz “section” shows the answer to the previous question.  Next, a question, and then a section.  Repeat.
  3. Create your own adventure – Thanks to the feature that allows you to direct a student to a different part of the form depending on an answer, it can be set up as a continuing story, with varying story lines, complete with pictures and videos!

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