Tech Resources #1 – Nearpod

Nearpod is a platform in which you can create interactive presentations, designed to be shared on student devices.  There are two ways in which the lessons can be shared: synchronized or self paced.

Self-paced works best when flipping your classroom, or when teaching in a setting that requires independent work.  Synchronized is ideal for guiding your students through materials curated using the Nearpod platform.

nearpod2Nearpod is designed for class presentations, but is so much more than a simple PowerPoint.  You can use Nearpod to include features like open-ended questions, Twitter live stream, class polls, audio, video, and more!  With these advanced features you can create presentations that collect student feedback throughout the lesson, in a way that is easy to share with the class by pushing to their individual devices.

Maybe you’re thinking–”Yea, but I’ve already got all my presentationearpod5ns in PowerPoint; who has time to create MORE presentations?”  Fear not!  With Nearpod’s dynamic platform, you can easily upload any existing PowerPoint presentations rig
ht into the editor, building on materials you have already created and used, and adding new interactive features.  Once you finish a presentation, results from quizzes, questions, and polls can be easily downloaded and aggregated for collection and gradebook input.

Want to learn more?  Check out one of Nearpod’s self-paced webinars:


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