Tech Advantage #2

Technology has always appealed to me, though as the online world has grown, so has my love of and use for it.  As teachers, there are even MORE ways to use tech tools to be more effective, and to drive student success.  One great advantage I have personally experienced is:

Student engagement

Using technology can drastically improve student engagement.  By asking students to participate in a particular lecture or lesson, we gain feedback and valuable interaction with students as they “get their hands dirty” playing with, tinkering with, and trying out new concepts, ideas or skills.  While it is easy to ask students for feedback in a particular lesson by giving them white boards, or having them write down answers, using technology means the results can be tabulated and recorded easily–either for sharing with the class, or for grading purposes later.  Another huge plus is that MORE students will engage.  Google Slides has a “Presenter mode” in which students can submit questions while the teacher is giving class.  This is an easy and fun way for even the most timid of students to ask their questions (anonymously!) in class, and to “speak up”.


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