Tech advantage #3

Technology has always appealed to me, though as the online world has grown, so has my love of and use for it.  As teachers, these tech tools may seem overwhelming (as there are so many to choose from!), but taking the time to learn a few can greatly improve the teaching and learning process. Here’s why:

Return on investment

For teachers, time is a precious commodity.  And learning (and mastering) a new technology may seem like one more thing on your list of to-dos.  But making the initial investment of a few afternoons can reap great results.  There are many tools out there today that claim to improve your life in a myriad of ways.  The key is to think smart.  What would you like to improve in your classroom?  What are some things you struggle with as a teacher?  Time management? Organization? Classroom management?  Student engagement?  Effective group work?  Then look at the tech tools available, and see how they may (or may not) help to solve these problems.  Then, sit down.  Take an afternoon.  Even 20 min.  Read up on them.  Watch a few tutorials.  See what works, what’s doable given your available time, skill level, and budget.  It is well worth the time to invest in some new skills that can be keep you and your students organized, on task, and engaged.


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