Tech Advantage #5

Technology has always appealed to me, though as the online world has grown, so has my love of and use for it.  As teachers, these tech tools offer a world of opportunity, not only as they support student learning, but in how they shape our everyday.  Here’s one example:

Automation means more time for quality teaching

It’s important that technology not be used simply for technology’s sake.  That is not why we’re here, and it’s certainly not why we teach.  But automation and the collection and manipulation of data (even just a little bit) can help us teach better.  How?  If I for example, send my students a carefully crafted Google Form providing them with materials and questions related to tomorrow’s lesson, which they then complete… it provides me with answers that can be easily tabulated and I can see which parts of the lesson or concept they struggled with–easily singling out which parts need to be worded better, or taught differently.  It allows me access to information that is easy to view all at once, and then make intentional decisions about where my lesson should be headed–all while staying ahead of the game.


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