Tech Advantage #6

Technology has always appealed to me, though as the online world has grown, so has my love of and use for it.  As teachers, these tech tools offer a world of opportunity, not only as they support student learning, but in how they shape our everyday.  Here’s one example:


Access to information, anywhere

I’m not just talking about Google.  I’m talking about the opportunity for students to access class information, anytime they want.  In the years I taught in Guatemala, for example, students could access all kinds of class materials via our class blog.  This means that a student doesn’t have to stress if they lost the instructions for the project that’s coming up, or they need to find the test review, or (for those overachievers) want to calculate their grade down to the 100th of a percent.  By directing themselves to a website they already know by heart (we discuss it almost every class period!), they can easily find the class syllabus, questions from today’s lecture, project rubrics, videos watched in class, and so much more.  This means that anyone (from my principal to the parents) can take a look at what we’re doing in class, and give their input, all while staying on top of things.


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