G Suite: Hangouts

Hangouts is a great tool for keeping touch with the ones you love, but it is really so, so much more than that.  As a teacher, it can really come in handy, for a multitude of reasons.  The first, and most obvious is that students can interact with each other away from school, as they work collaboratively on group assignments.  But let’s take a look at a few more ways that Hangouts can come in handy:

Inviting a special guest to your classroom 

Students can meet and interact with special guests that you as a teacher know or have access to, by scheduling a Google Hangout and projecting it in your classroom.  Have students research the author of the lit book they are reading, and prepare questions for them.  Coordinate an in-class interview, or even a virtual storytelling.


Form a virtual book club

Students read a book together as a class, in conjunction with another class (across the school, the district, or the state).  Before each Hangout, encourage your students to prepare 10 questions to ask the other class relating to the book.  Send the questions to the other class in time for them to prepare answers, and gather their questions for your students to answer.  This will help to make the most of your time together in Hangouts.

Cultivate an audience outside your classroom

Prepare students to make their class presentations to a wider audience, using Hangouts.  If using Hangouts on Air (now YouTube live), you can schedule a broadcast that can include many of the key stakeholders in a students’ education–parents, family, administrators, community members.  Empower students to show the world what they are learning!

For more ideas check out this article on weareteachers.com.


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