G Suite: Calendar

G Suite offers lots of sweet tools for teachers.  Calendar may seem pretty ho-hum.  The interface isn’t as clean yet as many of Google’s apps, but it does have some nifty features I recently discovered.


As you can see along the left hand column is that under “Where”, there is an option for “Video call”.  Here you can integrate a Google Hangout into the calendar invite itself, allowing for smoother workflow as you seek to engage other professionals who may not be directly on-site at the time of your meeting.

Additionally, under the Description, there is an option for an attachment.  Here is a great place to attach the meeting agenda, or minutes.  Anyone invited to this calendar event will have access to the attached document(s), for review before, during and after the meeting.  Neat, eh?

Before you schedule the event, don’t forget to set yourself a reminder!


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