Tech in the Language Arts Classroom: Read&Write for Google Chrome

I recently attended a webinar by the awesome Cool Cat Teacher (blog here), and to be honest, I signed up for the webinar thinking “15 Best Tools for G Suite for Education Users”… let me just see what she has to say.  I’m sure I know most of it, but… I’m game”  Well, let me say, I learned a TON!  Lots of great tools out there for educators, and most of her “tools” were in fact Chrome add-ons that add lots of great features.  One especially is super useful for those teaching literacy.  

Read&Write for Chrome – Chrome Web Store

This fancy tool shows a toolbar (which can be customized based on just the features you want and are going to use) for using while browsing the web.  Here are several features I found helpful:

  • Highlight text, and have it read to the student — and then save the audio as an mp3 to be emailed to yourself
  • Highlight text as you read a webpage, in different colors — and then send all your highlights (or only those of a specific color) into a Google Doc
  • Screenmask – Darken the screen except for the small portion where a student is reading (great for students with reading differences!)
  • “Show me a picture” – students can highlight a word they are unfamiliar with, and then use “show me a picture” to get an easily visual of the object
  • Screenshot reader – take a screenshot, and have text read to you!

I see all sorts of possibilities for the Language Arts classroom with this great tool!

(P.S. if you’re interested in more information gleaned from this particular webinar — here is the handout!)


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