Get Connected – Personal Learning Networks

It’s easy as a teacher to get lost in the endless to-dos of school life, but it is important to reach out to others for help and support during the school year.  It may feel like you’re running a marathon that gets longer every day you are running, but having someone there to provide that bottle of water as you rush by may be just the thing you need.  Beyond your local school faculty and staff, there is a world of teachers out there with whom to connect to share anecdotes, resources, and solutions.  There are many ways to do this, and before this becomes just one more to-do… remember to start small.

There are many ways to go about getting started: 


Which can be as simple as signing up for Twitter and participating in a Twitter Chat, or signing up for a scheduled webinar.  You can be more active by creating and sharing your own materials or experiences, or more passive as you seek to observe others and pick up some best practices along the way.

This isn’t just for teachers, however–this is a great practice no matter your field.  Get involved, reach out to others, and get to know experts (or novices) who have something to say or to teach you.


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