Get organized–with Twitter!

As mentioned in the previous post, Twitter is a great tool for moderating class discussion, as well as keeping class “takeaways” organized.  It provides a feed for anyone (teacher or student) to refer back to after the learning has taken place, which can serve as feedback for the teacher, and a study guide for students.

This also allows for a broader context to your class discussions–by global communication and collaboration.  Here are three awesome ways:

  1. Create a progressive poem/short story/writing assignment – Students take turns contributing a line to a growing poem or short story
  2. Take a poll – Use Twitter as a platform to gather opinions on issues discussed in classes.  The more retweets a poll gets, the bigger your sample size!
  3. Anagrams – Post 8 letters, and watch students come up with all the words they can using only those letters

Note: This post was inspired by this article.


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