Classroom Resources – available on Twitter

Besides serving as a platform for sharing resources with your PLN, or with your students, Twitter can be a great source for more than just sharing links to articles.  Tap into the knowledge base that is Twitter, and see how much you and your students can learn!

  • Follow a historical figure – There are many Twitter accounts that share the lives and personalities of historical figures, providing a fun way for students to learn more about characters from the past
  • Talk to the experts – High school students can tap into the expertise of leaders in the fields they are considering.  They can also participate in dialogue with local organizations that center around issues that matter to them.  Teach them how to actively but appropriately take a stand and participate in social action.
  • Source evaluation – Students act as checks on others when it comes to sources they reference.  Is the source reliable?  Is it a good source of information?  Why or why not?
  • Foreign language practice – Do you teach a foreign language class?  Encourage students to follow and engage with foreign language new sources from their country of origin.  Or engage them in a weekly twitter chat, in the target language.  Or students can engage with foreign language “pen pals” on Twitter.  The possibilities are endless.

Note: This post was inspired by this article.


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