Engage students with Twitter activities

Playing games is never NOT fun.  Engage your students on Twitter by interacting with them, and by pushing them to extend the learning beyond the classroom.  These can be required, or simply for extra credit:

  • Twitter Book Club – Participants engage in a book club by sharing answers to specific questions, or critiquing main characters, plot progression, etc.  Schedule a time as you would for a Twitter chat, plan your questions ahead of time, and then post them periodically throughout that time period.  For a 30-40 min time period, for example, release a new question every 3-5 min.  If you like, establish specific hashtags with your students prior to “going live”.
  • Trend Mapping – Students use Trends Map to track what people are talking about where.  This is particularly useful for a Social Studies or Current Events lesson.
  • Twitter Puzzle – Tweet a puzzle each week, with the student who responds with the correct answer first gets extra credit.  These can be vocabulary words, short answer questions, or riddles that get your students thinking.

Note: This post was inspired by this article.





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