Build your PLN with Facebook

While Facebook is most often used for keeping in touch with our loved ones, looking at memes, or simply for sharing pictures of cats, it can also be something useful and practical, adding value to your every day.  Use Facebook to grow (or begin) your Personal Learning Network (PLN) and you will quickly see the value in sharing resources, anecdotes, and support with other educators around the world.  You can trust in and lean on the expertise of others who like yourself, are bravely facing the daily battle of the classroom life.

If you’re not quite sure where to begin when it comes to managing your PLN within Facebook, here are some tips, inspired by Jessica Meacham:

  • See a great article or post on Facebook?  Save it!  By clicking the dropdown arrow in the upper right corner of the post, you can select “save”, and it will be filed with your saved items for later reference
  • Interested in a particular conversation on a Facebook post?  Turn on notifications by clicking the same dropdown arrow in the upper right, and select “turn on notifications”
  • Easily manage your groups by clicking the “manage groups” in the left hand column of your main Facebook feed, to clean up your memberships, sort, and keep track of relevant notifications.

Here, several Facebook teacher groups to join.


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