Google Forms: Good for Everything

How many times have you needed to collect information?  I can think of several cases just in one school year where someone needed to collect information from several people:

  • Updating teacher contact info (so the principal could keep up to date)
  • Yearly school 5K race – sign up sheets were a mess!  Students didn’t fill them out completely, then they had to be alphabetized, then sorted and compared to be sure everyone had paid properly… so much time could have been saved!
  • Feedback / evaluations – Twice yearly my school participated in evaluations.  Students evaluated teachers and teachers evaluated the coordinators/principals.  Then everyone sat down with their immediate supervisor to review the results, and see what lessons could be gleaned.

Google Forms is great for this because of several useful features:

  • Everything in one place – all the information collected is neatly organized into one spreadsheet where it can be sorted as needed, or printed, if you’re into that
  • Required questions – No more incomplete forms, and time wasted seeking out the person to get the missing information
  • Results are instantly tallied into charts (for multiple choice questions), and summaries for easy overall review


I love, love, love using Google Drive in my day-to-day, and with students.  Interested in learning more about these great tools?  I’m now offering this mini-course on G Suite.  Check it out!


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