Google Docs: Share & Collaborate

Google Docs provides a great way to collaborate and share with others.  One simple way is to “share” your document.  Google has provided 3 options for sharing with others: can edit, can comment, and can view.  This way, you only give the permissions you want to give to each specific person.  Editing permissions go to those who are in your group, and working with you on the project.  If you simply want feedback, allow others to comment.  And if you want the other person to simply be able to view or make a copy of your document, without actually doing anything to it, just give them permission to view only.  Simple as that!


Once you’ve added your collaborators to a particular document, it is easy to email each other, by simply going to File→ Email Collaborators.  


From there you’ll see a list of collaborators, so you can check the box to the right of their name.  Then add a subject, and a short note.  This is a great way to provide reminders to others, or to ask for suggestions and input.


Publishing to the web

Another option for sharing, if you want your reach to be a little wider, is to publish your document to the web.  This is ideal for example if you have your own blog or website.  Select “Publish to the web” from the File menu, where you will see the following:

Once you select Publish, then you can use the link provided, or snag the embed code to insert into your webpage or blog.



I love, love, love using Google Drive in my day-to-day, and with students.  Interested in learning more about these great tools?  I’m now offering this mini-course on G Suite.  Check it out!


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