Google Sheets: Flubaroo

Flubaroo is an add-on provided in Google Sheets, that works directly with Google Forms.  When you designate a destination for your Google Form results, adding Flubaroo is a cinch.  Simply search for it in the add-on menu, and then activate it for your particular sheet.

First, you will need to find the add-on menu, and choose “Get add-ons”


From there, you will find plenty of options, but use the search box in the upper right, and type in Flubaroo:


Once you have it added to your sheet, you can choose to activate it (from the same dropdown Add-ons menu).  Then ask it to Grade Assignment:


From there it will take you through the process, step by step.  The first step is to choose how the assignment will be graded, and how many points each question is worth.  You will first want to choose the question that identifies the student, by selecting it from the drop down menu.  Then, assign points.


Step two asks you to choose an answer key to use as the guide.  It is helpful if you take the quiz yourself, so that you have a proper answer key, but it’s also possible that at least one of your students got a perfect score, and their results can be used.


From there Flubaroo will automatically grade the assignments based on the information you gave.  It will create another sheet within the spreadsheet file you have, and name it Grades.

Now you are ready (if you desire) to send the students their results.  Do this by going back to the same Add-ons menu:


And selecting “Share Grades”.  From here it will give you a few options:


Go ahead and set it up as you like, and click continue to send your emails.  And there you go: immediate feedback for teacher and student!


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