Google Forms: Quiz Maker

New to Google Forms is the option to convert the Form into a quiz.  This is great for providing students with immediate feedback.  Here’s how:

From the Settings menu of the Form, select the “Quizzes” tab, and toggle the first button that says “Make this a quiz”.  Once you’ve done that, several options below will become available.  Now you will need to consider the use of your quiz, and whether or not you want students to be able to see their results immediately, or if you will go over the answers further in class.


Once you’ve made the Form into a quiz, you will want to create your answer key.  Keep in mind that setting a correct answer is not an option for all question types.  For example, a grid question cannot be graded.

Select a question, as if you are trying to edit, and you will see at the bottom of the question, “Answer Key” in blue.  Select there to set the correct answer for the question.



From there you can choose which answer(s) is/are correct, and then add feedback for both correct and incorrect answers.


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