Engage Students with Google Sheets

Google Sheets can seem pretty boring and flat, but it can allow for dynamic activity with students.  One easy way is to use Sheets to log data collected from class surveys, lab results, or other information gathered.

Students can learn to take control of their lives and their schedules using premade templates in Sheets that allow for weekly scheduling.  Create a blank template, and then model for them how to fill blocks of 30 min or 1 hr as they enter classes they are taking, extra curriculars, and weekend activities as well as eating times, homework time, and leisure time.

Google Sheets can also be handy for organizing a teacher’s schedule–setting up the spreadsheet in the same way as mentioned before, and then adding class times, office hours, and other breaks throughout the day.  Once your schedule is set for the quarter, semester, or school year, you can easily embed that spreadsheet into your class website, or provide students with the link via the “Share” button in the upper right corner of your window.  Embedding is as easy as going to your File menu, choosing “Publish to the web” and grabbing the code provided and copy-pasting it into your school or class website.  This way, if any updates are made, no need to change the link you’ve shared with students, or update your website.  Google makes all the updates for you!


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