Google Docs in the Language Arts Classroom


Working with textual analysis with your students?  Here is a great way to do that, with the help of Google Docs.

Upload a Word document with poetic text divided into sections.  Create a table with the left column having one section per row; you can add or create an image if you like.  Then, leave the right column blank for students to add their analysis.  Different colored fonts work great for this!  This can easily be done in partners or in small groups.  The teacher creates one document, and then shares a “View only” copy with all students, who each make their own copy and fill it in.  Easy peasy!

Credits for this idea: 34 Interesting Ways to Use Google Docs in the Classroom

Another great way to use Google Docs is for brainstorming.  Using the add-on “Mindmeister”, you can easily create a mental map of the ideas as they flow.  Then, once finished, you have a guide to use when writing.

To add Mindmeister, simply go to the “Add-ons” menu and select “Get add-ons”.


From there you will search for Mindmeister, and it should come right up:


Add the extension and away you go!


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