Scheduling with Google Calendar

Whether we like it or not, keeping office is part of our job as teachers.  It’s important to keep organized and know how to make the most of the tools available to make efficient use of time, since there is always so much to do.  The following are some ways Google Calendar can help.  I know that Google Calendar has many of the same features that Microsoft Outlook offers, but there’s a few extra perks.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, you can easily book appointments during office hours.  But you can also take advantage of some great features when scheduling meetings with your colleagues.

When creating an event in Google Calendar, let’s look at what “extras” you can use:


Besides setting up a video call for those who won’t be able to attend in person, you can also Add Attachment (right under the Description box).  This is a great place to attach any files that participants will need–reading material to browse before coming, the meeting’s agenda, or even last week’s meeting minutes so that anyone can jog their memory regarding past action items.

I love, love, love using Google Drive in my day-to-day, and with students.  Interested in learning more about these great tools?  I’m now offering this mini-course on G Suite.  Check it out!



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