#TCEA17 Differentiate with Google Classroom

Google Classroom gives us the facility of diversifying and differentiating instruction.  There are essentially two ways of doing this:

Option 1: Create one class, but vary assignments and announcements within that class.  This is easier to do if you are organized and know how to keep the students straight.  When assigning or making an announcement in Google Classroom, you can easily choose to push it out to all students or select specific ones.  Select the specific students you want, so that resources, assignments, and announcements will be directed to only those relevant students.

Option 2:  Create several classes, and have students enroll in a given class.  This is great for moving students between differentiated groups at any given time.  Simply ask the student to unenroll from the “green” class for example, and enroll in the “blue” class.  This way, groups are fluid, but each student will only have access to the materials and assignments that best fit his or her level.

Learn more here:


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