Inspire Your Students with Travel Lust

In my early years of studying to enter the field of education, I did so with the intent of teaching Spanish to native English speakers.  Since then, I have not once taught this subject to this demographic.  Nevertheless, I did enjoy the preparation for it, and the student teaching experience that crowned these efforts.  The students I worked with (attendees of both the local public high school and a private Christian academy) were great fun and full of enthusiasm.

During my student teaching, while working at a local private Christian academy, I designed a project for students in which they planned a two week trip to a Spanish-speaking country of their choice.  They were to present the project using future tense verbs (the unit’s focus), telling all the places they would go and things they would do.  I reserved the computer cart for an entire week of class time, and set specific, realistic goals which students were to meet during each class period.  The first day we chose location, and found flight information. The second day we looked at where to stay, and added hotel and hostel accommodations to the students’ presentations.  Day three we spent time looking at places to visit, and day four was spent looking at fun places to eat, and local cuisine.  Needless to say, students were occupied and productive during class time as they progressively built their projects.

FInally, we scheduled presentations in which students told about all of their future travels they planned to take–100% in Spanish, of course!  It exposed students to lots of new places to visit and things to do, as well as teaching them how to plan a trip with a budget, and specific itinerary.

Below are a few examples of student work:

Dominican Republic PowerPoint

España PowerPoint

Mexico PowerPoint


If you would like to use this project in your own class, you can find it here on TeachersPayTeachers.


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