Why News Matters: Using Feedly

With all the talk about fake news, and Facebook and other tech giants doing their part to help weed it out, it is as important as ever to help students stay informed and to educate themselves on the world in which they live.  If you’ve never heard of Feedly, it’s a great tool that can help.  Essentially it is a website/app that allows you to create a news feed for yourself based on sources you select.  You add popular news websites, blogs, and other websites and all their content is channeled into your feed.  What I like best about this is the need not to go to several websites, but to open up one browser tab and get the news fill that I need every day.

For students, I think it’s a great way to do some research about trustworthy news reporting sites, and to curate their own collection so that they can daily or weekly check in on their world.  They can choose topics that are important to them, or just get a feel for general news.  Personally, I’ve created a few lists that include General News, Education, and Personal Finance so that I can know right where to go when I want to browse a particular topic.


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