If This, Then That: News from Outer Space

I’ve mentioned ‘If This, Then That’ before in a previous post, as the ‘Master of Automation’ but what if we put this master of automation to work in our classrooms?  If This, Then That (IFTTT) is a great tool that allows you to use “applets” that follow the basic logic their name suggests.  

Here you can find various applets relating to outer space.  You can sign up to receive alerts about NASA or International Space Station news, but this one even allows you to upload NASA’s astronomy pic of the day to a designated iOS album.  Sweet!  You can even tweet NASA’s picture of the day, if you’re one of those savvy educators who uses Twitter in their classroom, and to communicate with students.  All of these make great ways that you can keep yourself and students informed and up to date on space news or glean material to beef up your lessons on astronomy.  Real life applications, ftw!


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