If This, Then That: Fitness Goals

I’ve mentioned ‘If This, Then That’ before in a previous post, as the ‘Master of Automation’ but what if we put this master of automation to work in our classrooms?  If This, Then That (IFTTT) is a great tool that allows you to use “applets” that follow the basic logic their name suggests.  

If you are teaching (or encouraging) students to set their own fitness goals, and to spend (and log) time working out or simply being active, IFTTT has this great applet that allows you to log a record of every time you visit the gym.  To set it up, you will need to “calibrate” or set the location of your gym (or workout place), and then link to your Google Drive.  IFTTT will create the spreadsheet, and you do the rest!  Every time you arrive or leave the location you set, it will be tracked in a spreadsheet.  You can check in weekly to monitor your progress.


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