If This, Then That: Track #hashtags

I’ve mentioned ‘If This, Then That’ before in a previous post, as the ‘Master of Automation’ but what if we put this master of automation to work in our classrooms?  If This, Then That (IFTTT) is a great tool that allows you to use “applets” that follow the basic logic their name suggests.  

One easy way to stay up to date with current or relevant topics is to track the mentions of a specific hashtag.  This can be useful as a teacher, to read through other educators’ tweets during an #edchat or during an #edconf whether or not you attend or participate.  For students to be a part of this, you can use this tool to track topics that are relevant to your class.  You can log all tweets from a particular user (in case you want to keep up with the fast-tweeting @POTUS, or a particular organization such as the Library of Congress, or even certain activist groups), or log all references to a particular trending topic or relevant issue.  Since it’s being logged in Google Sheets, it would be a great way to start a class discussion using the comment feature.  #justanidea  Check that applet out here.


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