How Do I Share Files in Google Drive?

On YouTube, there are absolutely skads of tutorials on every subject under the sun.  But it turns out G Suite has created their own tutorials, complete with screenshots on mobile devices and computers, all presented in a fun, engaging way.  So if you’re wanting to learn how to:

  1. Change the access settings for other users (check out the 1:00 min mark) – Look in the details panel for the default settings for a specific file or folder.
  2. Types of permissions such as editing, commenting, and viewing (check out the 2:05 min mark) – Send other users an email to explain more about the file or folder you are sharing.
  3. Advanced Sharing Settings (check out the 2:20 min mark) – Shows you how to share via a link or using your social media, visibility of your link sharing, and some extra settings just for owners.
  4. Recovering deleted files (check out the 4:25 min mark) – If you share a folder with other users, only the owner can actually trash files!  Learn how to recover files if you think you’ve lost them.
  5. Optical Character Recognition (check out the 5:43 min mark) – Scan documents into Google Drive, and learn how Google Drive can turn your images into editable text.

Learn how here:  


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