Create Surveys with Google Forms

On YouTube, there are absolutely skads of tutorials on every subject under the sun.  But it turns out G Suite has created their own tutorials, complete with screenshots on mobile devices and computers, all presented in a fun, engaging way.  So if you’re wanting to learn how to:

  1. Set color, image, and branding in Google Forms (check out the 1:34 min mark)
  2. Set data validation (check out the 2:12 min mark)
  3. Embed videos and images (check out the 3:06 min mark)
  4. Shuffle question order (check out the 3:29 min)
  5. Divide Google Forms into sections (check out the 3:48 min mark)
  6. Send users to different pages based on their answer (check out the 4:02 min mark)
  7. Showing users a progress bar (check out the 4:29 min mark)

Learn how here: 


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