Tired of Lifeless PowerPoints? Here, some alternatives.

Many times after students have mastered a topic or unit, we want them to share this learning with others–their peers, their families, or even the world.  But who wants to watch another boring old slideshow filled with images and text?  Your students surely are just as bored with them as you are of seeing them.  So here are some great alternatives that allow students to share what they’ve learned:

If you still want to stick with a presentation-type app or outlet, there are plenty of tools out there for this, including:

Nearpod – Get the audience interacting with the knowledge.  Nearpod presentations not only allow for images and text, but include links to web resources, 360 videos for viewing in VR, and polls, quizzes, and other feedback tools.  Learn how here.

Google Slides – NO text allowed.  Students create a slide deck with images only, and record audio and animations to create a video showcasing what they’ve learned.

ThingLink – Students choose a background image, and then choose several points on the image to highlight and link to outside resources.  See how here.

Tellagami – Using this web tool, students can create an avatar, choose a background, and create an animated video by recording audio.  See more here.


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