Mix up those old drab, PowerPoints with these fresh alternatives

Many times after students have mastered a topic or unit, we want them to share this learning with others–their peers, their families, or even the world.  But who wants to watch another boring old slideshow filled with images and text?  Your students surely are just as bored with them as you are of seeing them.  So here are some great alternatives that allow students to share what they’ve learned:

Another great way that students can share their knowledge is by creating a simple website.  With some of these tools, you can even do this collaboratively, making it great for working in teams.  Students can easily showcase their knowledge by including images, videos, text, and other outside resources that are designed in an easy-to-understand way.

WordPress – This is my favorite blogging platform, but beyond blogging, this can also be used for creating a simple website that contains static information, while allowing for commenting and discussion from viewers.  Students can create pages within their website to organize the information, and can add other users under the “People” found in the left column menu.  

Google Sites – This is perfect if you are already a G Suite user, or if you are already using Google Classroom, as it integrates perfectly, allowing students to pull in assignments they have already completed.  Any folders with relevant resources can be used to integrate using this platform.

Wix – Is another platform for creating your own website, that provides a library of templates or themes, along with several options for customization.  Learn more how to use this tool here.


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