Let Students Show What They Know

Many times after students have mastered a topic or unit, we want them to share this learning with others–their peers, their families, or even the world.  But who wants to watch another boring old slideshow filled with images and text?  Your students surely are just as bored with them as you are of seeing them.  So here are some great alternatives that allow students to share what they’ve learned:

One great way to do this is by creating an animated video.  Today there are several tools available on the web that allow students to do this easily and create an engaging final product.

Moovly – I personally like Moovly quite a lot.  They have an extensive library of graphics and allow for easy animation.  The tools are a little more sophisticated than perhaps some others you may find online, but you can easily add your own audio (or record from within the website), and adjust it’s length and overlap with other visual or audio elements.  See more here.

Biteable – This allows for a bit less manipulation than Moovly, as the user will input a few simple elements and Biteable builds the video for you.  But it does have a very cute feel, and is more simple for those with less video editing skills.  Learn more here.


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