Two titles that should be on your summer reading list

As the school year is coming to a close, and you’re likely looking forward to a few days of peace and quiet, and perhaps even some well-needed rest, I would like to recommend a few of my favorite books.  These can make for great personal reading, but are also great for use in the classroom.  Either for student reading, or teacher led studies (depending on your classroom dynamics).

Three Cups of Tea, and Stones Into Schools tell the story of a mountain climber who wanders down Mt Everest and into the wrong village.  What he finds there changes his life and its trajectory, as well as that of the villagers, as they are rewarded with a local school, and so much more.  Three Cups of Tea focuses on Mortenson’s work in Nepal, and its sequel Stones Into Schools focuses on his further work in Afghanistan as he works to bridge the gaps left by local authorities and extend primary education into the more hard to reach, mountainous areas of these countries.  This could serve as a great read for teaching regional geography, social studies, or even as a unit on the effect of education.


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