Role Models that ‘look like me’

This week, I saw a little link at the bottom of the Google homepage, that led to this article about how Google is using AI/machine learning to take a look at gender bias in films.  It is shown that roles seen on screen for women and girls tend to be the same types of roles they play in their own lives.  

Females with careers in STEM fields are featured only about 15% of the time–which coincides with how many women are actually in these fields: just 17%, down from an all time high during the 1980’s.  Numbers really do matter.

In this article, Google also gives some real-world examples of specific women and girls who as children saw key role models in their favorite TV programs or movies, that inspired them to pursue careers in these fields.  Turns out the placement of a female role model in a key position can really inspire girls.  

But this doesn’t just apply to girls–this article talks about an empowered young man who started his own ‘Books and Bros’ book club centered around African American authors that serves to raise awareness and literacy among his peers.  He wanted role models that looked like him.  Guess what?  They were out there.  He just had to look.

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