Ready to Learn how Google Can Make your Life Even Easier?

If you’re a regular user (or even a new user, or not yet a user) of Google Chrome, there are plenty of tricks and tips for making the most of your “Google” experience.  One awesome feature of Chrome is the “omnibox” this is the box along the top where you typically type in the website name or URL.  But did you know what else you can do with the omnibox??

Set a timer – Just type into the omnibox “Set a timer for 10 minutes” [or whatever time frame you want] and hit enter.  The timer will display on the top of search results, and start automatically.  It will even start beeping once it reaches 0.  This can be useful for when you’re at home baking cookies, or when you’re in class and need to keep everyone (or just yourself) on task.

Set a timer (1)

Do a math problem – Simple math problems can easily be done by beginning your equation with an = sign.  Just type it in, and your results should look something like this:

Math problem

Do conversions – Need to convert from miles to kilometers?  How about inches to feet?  How about fahrenheit to celsius?  Google can do it all!


Ask Google the weather forecast – Just ask “what is the weather for today” and your daily forecast will pop up!

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