Pin Tabs, Open Closed Ones, and Search History in Google Chrome

If you’re a regular user (or even a new user, or not yet a user) of Google Chrome, there are plenty of tricks and tips for making the most of your “Google” experience.  Want to learn some nifty new tricks with your Google Chrome browser?  Keep reading!

Pin a tab – by right clicking on an open tab, you are given the following menu: including the fourth option down which is to “pin tab”.  Now you can be sure to always have that particular website set to open with your browser, and never go away.  You’re welcome.

Oops!  Did you close that tab and didn’t mean to?  Press down Ctrl + Shft + T to open it right back up!

Want to search for that website you found yesterday?  Press Ctrl + H to see your history – with a search bar conveniently on the top.

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