Are you a visual learner? Pinterest can help.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Many of us (and our students) are visual learners.  What better way to ask students to show what they are learning or creating, than with pictures?  Pinterest can be a great tool, not just for lesson planning or classroom decor ideas (or great recipes to try on the weekend!).  Get your students using Pinterest in the classroom:

Pinterest for Group Work Students can work together on collaborative boards, allowing them to brainstorm, and curate ideas, articles, and sources for an upcoming project.  These boards can be shared with the teacher, their peers, and with their parents so everyone can see the results of their hard (and ongoing) work.

Pinterest for Photo Journals Use Pinterest as a place to chronicle a story or a journey.  Students can pin images and include their own captions as they tell their own story.   This is useful as a portfolio, showcasing students’ major learning moments throughout the unit, marking period, or year.


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