Let Students Use Pinterest to tell their Story

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Many of us (and our students) are visual learners.  What better way to ask students to show what they are learning or creating, than with pictures?  Pinterest can be a great tool, not just for lesson planning or classroom decor ideas (or great recipes to try on the weekend!).  Get your students using Pinterest in the classroom:

Pinterest for Storytelling The continuing story may be old hat — students taking turns adding lines or paragraphs to a story as it is passed from one to the other, while maintaining interest and a common story line.  Pinterest gives a fresh new take on this.  Students can pin images to a collaborative board, one at a time, adding to the story by either writing details in the description, or by using a picture editor to add text to the image, and then pinning.


Pinterest for Sharing It’s great to have a place where students (and you) can share items of interest with the class.  Pinterest is no different.  Creating a collaborative board means anyone can share articles, videos, or other interesting things found that relate to specific class topics or themes.

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