Create videos with your students using Tellagami

Tellagami is an app that allows you to create a quick video using a character avatar and text.  You begin by choosing or designing your avatar, then add dialogue by inputting text.  Finally, save or share the video you’ve created.  Tellagami allows you to customize your character, and the background behind them.  You can also choose to record your own audio, and add doodles on top of the background.  Once your video is finished, you are given the option to share the video on the local device, or share it on social media.  

This can be useful in a number of ways in your classroom.  You as the teacher could create a “gami” to introduce yourself to a new class, or to parents, using pre-recorded audio and your customized character set against the backdrop of your choice.  Students could use this tool in a history lesson by creating a character set against a time-period backdrop and describing what life was like then.  Alternatively, students could use this for a science lesson or any lesson in which they need to diagram an object or a process, by setting the background image as the diagram, and use the character to explain or name parts.  In the language arts classroom, this could be a good way for students to introduce or promote a book they wrote, or to “read aloud” their poem or other piece of work.  In the geography classroom, students could use this tool to create a “virtual postcard” by placing their character in an exotic clime, and describe their adventures there.  In the foreign language classroom, students can get practice speaking the target language.  I see this as particularly useful for students who are more shy and find presentations difficult; instead of presenting to their classmates, they can easily record their voice and create videos to be shown without them having to stand at the front of the classroom, all eyes on them.  To learn more, visit their website here.


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