Stay connected with Twitter #edchats this Summer

If you’re enjoying the slower pace of summer, but still looking for a way to stay “engaged” with other professionals, joining a Twitter #edchat is one great way.  There are many happening in the evenings, and joining one is very easy.  If you’d like to take it slow or just “get your feet wet”, you can join one by simply observing and following the feed.  If you’re willing to get more involved, you’ll want to start by introducing yourself to the group, and then follow up by liking, retweeting, or responding to others’ comments or including your own.  This can be a great way to make friends beyond your normal circle, as it allows you to engage with others who you may want to start following, and thus open the door to continued conversation and collaboration.  Many teachers also share resources or interesting blog posts on their Twitter accounts as well.

Here, some tips:

  1. Don’t feel you need to answer every question; instead wait until you have something pithy or passionate to share with the group.
  2. Some chats move very quickly; don’t get overwhelmed.  Follow and catch what you can.  At the end, you can always go back and read more carefully.  Most edchats will provide a link to the chat archive at the end.  If not, you can always return to the archive by searching for the chat hashtag, along with the word “archive”
  3. You may want to do a Twitter search for some different edchats, and see what kind of information is shared during the conversations.  Take a look and see which chats may be most useful or meaningful to you.

Follow this link to see which chats are happening today, and throughout the week.


One thought on “Stay connected with Twitter #edchats this Summer

  1. Ellen Degler says:

    Thanks for your advice! Still very new to twitter and the chats! It’s something I’ve been working on developing. I’m looking forward to my first chat coming up soon!

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