Looking for a summer project? Why not start a #teacherblog?

I’ve mentioned before the benefits of creating and maintaining a teacher blog, but there are many ways that this can be done, and even more reasons why it is beneficial to you as a professional.  Why not take time this summer to start your very own teacher blog?

Teacher blogs can function in different ways:

  1. A place for reflection and sharing of resources meant for an audience of other educators and teaching professionals
  2. A hub for class materials meant for students and parents to find class handouts and other relevant information
  3. A class “diary” of sorts that chronicles the journey of your class during the course of the year, showcasing student work and important or fun “moments” you’d like to highlight
  4. Class blogs can even function as a means of connecting with other classrooms as you invite students to visit other class blogs and interact with their posts and what they are learning, all while sharing your own classroom journey


If you’re planning on blogging as a means of sharing with your PLN, this allows you to share with others while reflecting on professional practice (which helps you improve), and perhaps will encourage you to read more so as to have more to share with your audience (think educational articles, research, etc).  If you’re looking to get started, here are a few tips.


Do you have your own teacher blog?  If so, how have you found it to be most useful?  Share here in the comments below.


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