What Kids can Learn from Travel

We all know kids (and adults!) learn best by experience.  Which is the perfect reason to take kids on a summer vacation.  We can all learn valuable skills from planning and taking a trip:

  1. How to pack and prepare – have kids take a look at the local weather in the places you’ll be going, and make a checklist of things you will need.  If your kids are old enough, have them research and help plan your trip itinerary.  Then practice personal finance by encouraging and helping them to save money to spend on souvenirs along the way.
  2. Try new things (like food) – get kids and adults out of their comfort zone by proposing and trying new kinds of foods in the places you visit.  You don’t have to visit Italy or Paris to experience new flavors, either!
  3. How to communicate with others – we all have our own way of communicating, but being surrounded by strangers teaches young and old to practice good manners as they make new friends.  

By involving your little ones in the trip planning and process, they learn skills that will be valuable as they grow.  Give them age-appropriate responsibilities before, during, and after the trip and see how it builds confidence and strengthens the family as everyone learns to work together.  

Beyond the soft skills such as better communication and increased confidence, studies show that travel also improves kids’ grades post-trip.  


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