Why you need TED-Ed lessons in your classroom

I was recently discussing an upcoming trip with my cousin, when we mentioned that the Pacific Science Center is hosting some of the real terracotta warriors from China.  I of course was super excited, but she looked quizzically at me, like who exactly are these warriors?  I was like, let me show you the TED-Ed video and you’ll be excited just like me!  TED-Ed has oodles of really fun videos that teach you about all kinds of things from chemistry and math to historical characters.  Some of my favorites from this channel are the riddles to be solved.  The narrator sets up the riddle, and then follows with a short countdown so you can easily pause the video to try and solve it yourself.  Then he (or she) gives the answer, and how (s)he got to it.

On their website, you will find many lessons that include a video, and then follow up with “think” questions, additional resources, and discussion questions.

These make for great ways to “hook” your learners, or to send them home with to learn a little more by watching the videos.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Chemistry of Cookies

Einstein’s Riddle

The History of Chocolate

The Incredible History of China’s Terracotta Warriors


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