Badging & Micro Credentials as PD

As discussed yesterday, badges and micro-credentialing offers distinct opportunities within education to allow learners flexibility and portability as they seek to transfer their knowledge and skills once gained.  These badges or micro-credentials can be a valuable part of the learning journey, both in higher education and in K-12.

In all levels of education, badges and micro-credentials serve as a great opportunity for professional development.  With so many options out there today to continue learning and growing as a professional from Twitter chats and conversations, to full online courses on Udacity, Coursera, and others… to sites like Bloomboard and others that offer badges based on discreet learning outcomes.  Again, I will point you to Alice Keeler’s post on how to “gamify” your PD by using badges.  Administrators and education leaders alike will value this post on how to design badges in a way that gives learners choices, while encouraging them to gain and demonstrate new skills.


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