Catering to adult ESL learners

Tell about a favorite book to share or teach.  Provide at least one example of an extension or cross curricular lesson. 

When teaching students for whom English is a second language, it can be helpful to get them reading (if reading is their thing).  Either reading aloud, or reading for pleasure on their own time.  What I found helpful for myself as a second language learner was choosing an adult book that I had already read in my first language, and practice reading it in my second language.  Because early on, my reading level was on par with a second grader, if we were being generous.  Reading a book that I already knew, meant that I felt more competent and was able to pick up both new vocabulary and the grammar of sentence structure.  This can be helpful for any adult language learners, as it empowers them while still teaching.  Reading material that is within their abilities, but challenging them as they seek continual learning.


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