Google Forms in Higher Ed

I am currently working in higher education, and as the adjunct for a few online courses, I am occasionally asked to conduct the online live sessions with students via Adobe Connect.  Most recently I gave a live session to current K-12 teachers about Google Forms and how to use them to collect information in your classroom.  I really enjoyed this experience, because it gave me a chance to connect personally with the students.  This is a very important aspect of any online class, especially because it is easier for students to feel “disconnected” from their classmates, and at times, the professor when working in an online environment.  As I was going through all the various features and buttons in Google Forms, students used the “raise hand” feature to voice questions, and to maintain the conversation as if it were a face to face class.  Google Forms is a very useful tool, and I could see and hear the ideas students were generating as we discussed its features and how best to leverage them, regardless of grade level or discipline.


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