Keys to Creating and Maintaining a Dynamic Facebook Page for your School

Facebook can be a great tool to spread the word about your school, and to share vital and relevant information with your school community.  It is important before developing a strategy for Facebook use to sit down and consider what the current use is, if your school already has a Facebook page (and if so, who are the current page admins), what types of content will be posted on your page (for example, sharing student photos, etc).  Draft a plan as to what the use will be, who will maintain it, and how often.  Here are a few ideas for your school’s Facebook page:

Share your school calendar

Share upcoming events and event information via Facebook.  This allows students, parents, and faculty to stay up to date, and to share information surrounding school events.  In the case that an event needs to be cancelled, postponed, or requires parent permission slips, this is a great place to let everyone know.

Toot your own horn

Was your school recently in the local news?  Share it!  Link to local stories that highlight your school or events in which your students or faculty participated.  Was a teacher recognized for humanitarian work in the community?  Share that!  Did a student participate in or win a tournament (even one not hosted by your school)?  Share it!  Get the word out about what your community members are accomplishing.

A picture is worth a thousand words

If you have an on-staff school photographer, share their work!  Let parents and students (and prospectives) see what your students and faculty are doing!  Showcase any school events be they sports-related, community service, concerts, or other programs.

Open your classroom door

Assign teachers “homework” and ask them to take turns posting on the school’s Facebook page, highlighting what students are learning in their classroom.  Where applicable, have them share a link or photo showing just what is happening in their classroom, and how that improves outcomes for students.


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