Teachers for Twitter

I’ve discussed Twitter on this blog many times, discussing many classroom uses for Twitter, and how it can be effective as a tool for communicating with students and parents, as well as a way for teachers to share with each other what they practice in their classrooms, how it’s working, and getting advice on how to do it better.  This is a great means for your school to also get publicity and build its online presence.  Choose a hashtag for your school, and ask that any teachers already using Twitter to begin using it when working with students or on classroom projects.  Promote your Twitter account via your school’s website, newsletter, and other media.  Encourage others to follow your school.

Show what your teachers are saying and doing

Another great way to use Twitter for your school, is once your school has a Twitter account, start following all your teachers who are on Twitter.  Then start re-tweeting and sharing what they are talking about–whether it be school specific, or just showcasing their own contributions to the educational community at large.

Sports or school events

Create a fun and catchy hashtag for your school event and prompt students and parents and faculty to use it.  When they are tweeting about the event, sharing photos and videos, they can be helping you build your online presence.

Share alerts

Share information with your school community via Twitter.  140 characters is plenty of space to send out a quick tweet letting know that school is cancelled due to inclement weather, that tomorrow is the school picnic, or any other news you may want (or need) to share.  Get the word out there with short quick announcements.


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