My name is Amanda Orozco, and I have been an educator for the past five years, working in the US and abroad teaching students ages 5 to over 50. I love my students, and I love teaching, but most of all, I am inspired by the way technology allows educators to work smarter every day. The use of technology has been proven to drive student success, while facilitating differentiation and collaborative learning.  My aim is to provide materials that make technology more accessible and applicable to the classroom.


Last year I completed Google’s “Google Apps for Education” courses, and became certified  as a Level 2 Educator.  While I have used Google Drive for many years, these courses opened my eyes to the potential of Google Apps and the tools they provide to educators to extend learning beyond the classroom, to empower both students and teachers, and to help us all to work smarter as we build on the synergy of our fellow learners.

Interested in learning more?  I am now offering this mini-course course on Teachable where you can become a G Suite pro in just over 30 min.


Want to drop me a line and say hello?  I’d love to hear from you!  Just fill out the form below:


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